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Apprenticeship Login

Apprentices: On September 5, 2017, all online courses will begin using our new learning management system. This system, Desire2Learn, will provide an improved learning experience for apprentices. To facilitate the completion of currently active students in the old systems, there are several login locations. Depending on the trade and level, please select a link below.

Students enrolled in a course after September 5th, 2017:
your course(s) are found in D2L. (https://nscconline.desire2learn.com)

Students enrolled in a course before August 7th, 2017:
Electrical (Level 2, Level 3, Level 4) (https://nsccapprenticeship.brightspace.com)
Carpentry (Level 1) (https://nsccapprenticeship.brightspace.com)
Blaster Certification Renewal (BLTA1802) (https://nsccapprenticeship.brightspace.com)

All other Trades / Levels not listed above:
your course(s) are in TLM (http://tlm.nscc.ca/tlm40)